Orua, Session One: The Evergrass Home

Previously: Orua Session One: Awakening Delphine held Melark close to her heart, pressing his head into her chest, wishing she could take him back inside of herself and keep him safe from the world forever. “Melark. Oh, my love. I’m so glad you’re okay.” “What’s happened?” Melark asked. It had to be an intimidating sight, with … Continue reading Orua, Session One: The Evergrass Home

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Pt. 2

I suppose this will be more than two parts after all. Teacher, Teacher, Teacher Pt. 1 Evran requested Nyle’s aid not because he needed the help — Gleam and Spider could have accomplished everything Evran might have needed from another human — nor because he wished to do the boy any sort of real favor. … Continue reading Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Pt. 2

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher Pt. 1

Everything Has a Cost, To Bring Silence, and Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 all feature Evran and Gleam. This story follows events seen in Abandon. "Teacher, Teacher, Teacher," Evran said, his foot bouncing jovially. He steepled his fingers, tapping their tips together as he had seen villains do in stage plays. "What a profound mess you've made of … Continue reading Teacher, Teacher, Teacher Pt. 1