Orua, Session One, Part III: Decisions

Previously: Orua, Session One: The Evergrass Home Rowan and Delphine shut and locked the door, when they got back to the house. For good measure, they pushed a table in front of it. Seated next to Melark on the couch, Garret watched the two of them with a sort of vibrating anxiety. He wished he’d gone … Continue reading Orua, Session One, Part III: Decisions

The Mask, Continued

After The Mask received some positive feedback, I decided to give it a continuation. Enjoy. She is dissatisfied. She has been for years, but previously, it has been a sort of comfortable dissatisfaction: unpleasant, yet familiar, and therefore less uncomfortable than perhaps it should have been. Her life up to this point has been bland and flavorless. … Continue reading The Mask, Continued