Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Pt. 3

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher Pt. 1 Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Pt. 2 Gleam pushed a table in front of Colomb’s unmoving body, then placed Listener upon it. At Evran’s request, Gleam had carried the new golem. Listener was ambulatory, but with its small size and short legs, it moved quite a bit slower than the rest of … Continue reading Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Pt. 3

Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 2

Everything Has a Cost To Bring Silence Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 1 The staff at the hospital had performed admirably in the preparations for Evran. For one thing, the Head Medician had not only found two patients perfect for Evran’s study — Qen, and the comatose man whose energies Evran would use — he had contacted … Continue reading Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 2