Dawn of the First Day

Hello, readers!

My name is Charles Williams.  Daydreams is a new adventure for me. For years, I’ve been neglecting what I feel is a fundamental drive within myself. I love to write, to create and to tell stories, and to share them with people. I’ve created Daydreams as a place where I can share my short stories with you as I create them.

I’m starting with the intent to write a new short story four to five days out of the week. There might be times when I publish more, and there may be weeks where there are less, depending on how the rest of my life is working out at the time. Because of this rapid pace, the stories will all be a bit raw. Basically, they are all rough drafts.

The idea isn’t for me to polish each story I put here to absolute perfection. Rather, Daydreams exists to help me push through my blocks and move forward with my writing.

So, readers, I hope you’ll join me on this journey, and I hope we can all gain something from the experience.

2 thoughts on “Dawn of the First Day

  1. Charlie – I’m really excited to read your stories! Liz told me about it, so I’m going to start reading them! Thanks for writing again – always a joy to read your stories!!! Denise Patronik

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