Author’s Reflection: White Marble

The story that will be posted today, White Marble, may seem less like a short story and more like a part of something else. That’s because, in a way, it is. I wrote White Marble (which is just what I’ve titled it for posting here) as a way to explore a character from a longer work, whom I thought I might like to get to know better. I thought it would be interesting for me, as a writer, to try to open a window into the past of the character, so that perhaps I could get a better understanding of some of what her life was like before the events of the longer work in which she plays a role.
I don’t know if White Marble would remain explicitly canon, should that longer work become public. The character feels quite different here from what she’s like in her “home” fiction, like I didn’t quite capture who she is, or at least, who she might have been at the time this takes place. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth sharing here.

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