Evondel’s Reply

This letter replies directly to the one seen yesterday in Alliance.

Lady Qelenara,

I’m not man who generally admits to his emotions. That being said, I must admit that every word I read from your previous communication distressed me further. It took me quite a while to formulate a response that my scribe deemed appropriate to your station. He doesn’t want me to say this to you, but I think you should consider yourself lucky that there’s someone between us writing my words to make me sound more diplomatic than I’m feeling at present.

Let me make some things clear:

I am not beholden to continue our alliance just because my grandfather worked to achieve it.

My Hold does not need your alliance in order to remain prosperous. In fact, you have greater need of me than I do of you.

You have no right to make demands of me. Your ultimatum has little impact on me, for, as I said, you need me more than I need you.

You, your hold, and any benefits you might provide for me are over two weeks away, even when taking the fastest ships I have at my disposal. The Holy Queen is here, on my own continent, in my own country.

Yes, I refer to Quen Lora Drois as the Holy Queen. I accept her claim to the title of Queen of Minasora, and I acknowledge that she has truly been blessed by the Holy One herself. I suspect that, should you deign to visit our shores and meet with the Queen yourself, you might come to realize that what you dismiss as “claims” and “assertions” made by the Holy Queen are, in fact, reality.

Perhaps by the time my letter reaches you, you will already have received news of what I’m about to tell your. Evonshold has officially reunited with Minasora. The Holy Queen has guaranteed that all of our previous allegiances will be honored, including my trade alliance with you, should you be wise enough to continue it. In fact, the Hold Lords will retain the vast majority of their power and influence.

Queen Lora is not interested in domination. She desires only unification. The knowledge granted to her by the Holy One allows her to see the path to victory, not for herself, but for the world. If we are to face down the darkness that the Queen foresees in our future, we must follow her directives. The only reason Queen Lora has sought power at all is for the good of the world. I wish there were an easy way to make you see that, but I doubt my words alone will allow you to set aside your bias.

I don’t know as much about religion as you or your scholars do, but I know what I can see in front of my face. The Holy Queen has power beyond that of a normal mortal. You can feel it in her presence, you can see it in the way she behaves, and you can sense it in the way she speaks and the actions that she takes. I doubt that any of your informants have met with the Holy Queen directly. I suggest you come meet with her yourself. She is eager to begin forging alliances all across Aia. That may be the only way you will come to understand. After all, it will only help you to begin establishing a relationship with what will soon be the greatest power on Nerrona.

Furthermore, should you come visit, you will be able to see that the Guardians of Lora truly are blessed by the Ennead. They have yet to make much of a public showing, but I have seen their powers at work. Though my family traditionally devotes itself to Denyr, there are clerics in my court who worship members of the Aurelian Ennead. They have assured me that the power granted to the Guardians is real. I can’t speak as to why your own clerics would deny it. Perhaps their devotion is not as strong as they believe.

In any case, I hope that you can move past your doubts and come to see that the Queen is not the threat that you perceive. I don’t wish our alliance to end, but if you feel that it must, know that you will regret it more than I will.

— Lord Windfall Evondel

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