There are those who fear being the blade,
For when they see its edge,
They fear the cuts it can make upon the flesh.
They see only that it separates,
That by its nature, it defies union;
That it is harm given form.

There are those who fear becoming lightning,
For when they see its strike,
The fear the fire and light
The see only that it destroys,
That, landing upon a tree or a home
Or a person,
It only burns and blasts

The blade is hard and cold
Lightning, fast and full power
To be one is to have the capacity to destroy,
But that need not be what defines them

Don’t fear becoming the blade,
For in the hands of a chef,
It is as artful as painter’s brush
In the hands of a woodcarver,
It is creation solidified

Don’t fear becoming the lightning,
For when it strikes the sand,
Look what beauty it forges:
Branching lines, hollow and delicate
For all the fury that wrought them

No, don’t fear your power
Find the right thing to strike.

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