Tonight, I will be performing on stage in a show for the first time.
I have performed on stage before. I’ve been doing it since, oh, elementary school, I suppose, or perhaps the seventh grade — whenever it was that I had my first band concert. I began learning to play the flute in the sixth grade, and I continued on with it all the way through college.
In high school, I took up the bassoon as well, and I performed in band concerts on both the bassoon and the flute my senior year. I’ve participated in many halftime shows on both the flute and the piccolo, and I’ve been in the pits for several musicals on both.
I’ve even sung on stage before. I began to like singing later in high school, but I never worked up the nerve to be in choir or to participate in the musicals we put on. In college, at the urging of some friends, I joined the concert choir. This was the first time I ever sang on stage. I later participated in a vocal jazz group, which meant my own sound was far more isolated.
Early this year, I even took part in a cabaret, where I had to sing on stage both alone and in a duet, with a bit of acting involved. I’ve never seen myself as an actor, but it went alright.
Tonight is another new experience for me, however, because despite all of this stage experience, I’ve never really played a character on stage, nor have I previously sung in a production requiring operatic style of singing. I’m nervous, and perhaps excited. I have a very minor role, which is a huge relief.
I’ve said all this because when I sat down to write this morning, I found I had an even harder time concentrating than normal. Maybe it’s the nerves or the excitement, or something else entirely. I’m not sure. Regardless, I plan to be back on Monday with a real entry.
Have a wonderful weekend. Do something new, like I am.

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