What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?

Here’s a few of the responses given by posters in the thread with the question above.

The weirdest thing I ever saw was in the bathroom at the grocery store. Someone just left a bag of lemons on the back of the toilet. Like, why? What were you doing with lemons in the bathroom, and why did you leave them there?

I was driving down a back road at night and my headlights lit up two eyes down the road in front of me. I slowed way down, because whatever it was, I didn’t want to hit it. They were just staring at me out of the darkness. Felt like they were looking right at me, about the height of a shorter person.
Turned out to be a deer, which shouldn’t be that weird, but it just stood there right in the middle of the road. I drove past it really slowly because I was afraid it would move and I would hit it. It never moved. It just turned its head and looked me dead in the eye as I passed.
I drove away from there real quick.

Watched a woman go to town once on a whole block of cheese. Just sitting in the park alone, eating cheese. Live your life, I guess.
She was there for three of my laps around the park, still eating.

I watched this 3-4 year old kid take a crap on the floor in the produce section of the grocery store. His mom didn’t even react. He literally whipped his little elastic pants down, squatted, squeezed out his turd, and stood up like it was totally normal.
His mom just looked at him and said something like “Come on! I’m waiting for you!”
Honestly wtf. I hate people.

I walked up to my car after work one day and there was a raven just sitting on the roof. I expected it to fly away when I walked up, but it actually let me get really close.
I’m pretty sure it was a raven and not a crow because it seemed really big. Anyway, I was only a few feet away when it it did this sort of little bow at me, then cawed and flew away.
I was thinking about it my whole ride home. When I got there, my mom was waiting for me (I don’t live with her). She told me my grandfather had died.
I don’t usually believe in that sort of stuff but it kinda felt like the raven was there to tell me before I knew.

At the gas station near my house (!) I saw an old man shopping in a dinosaur onesie. I guess that’s not all that weird by itself, though I did think it was weird that he was doing his regular grocery shopping at the gas station. It was just, like, he had to be 80+ years old, and he was wearing a dinosaur onesie. That’s a bit odd, yeah? But nobody was reacting! And the cashier said he’s a regular, and he has a bunch of different onesies. How have I never seen him before or since?

My friend and I were buying some snacks at a convenience store. Or at least, we were trying to, but there was a language barrier.
The clerk looked at us, and, in a very strong accent, asked what language we spoke. I answered. He stared at me for a moment. It was like his brain shut off, or like he was looking way past us into the distance.
Then he continued on like nothing had happened, except he was speaking our language and he had literally no accent.
He gave us a big smile when we left and to this day I don’t know if he was just messing with us or what.

I was riding down the highway one night with my husband. It was late at night, pitch black, with a new moon, but the sky way clear and full of stars. I know the sky was clear because I was watching the stars overhead. We were on a stretch of highway between towns and there weren’t a lot of other cars, so there wasn’t much light pollution.
Suddenly there was this huge green flash of light. We thought at first it might be lightning, but there was no thunder afterward and anyway the sky was clear. It lit up everything we could see all around us.
We had no idea what it was. Still don’t. It happened again, too, albeit a few years later. This time it was about a block away from our house, and I was driving. Same green flash of light, on a clear night, though this time in the city and not on a stretch of highway with nobody around.
I assume the second time it was a transformer blowing or something. That was our only guess.

I was in my backyard in the country on our patio in the summer. It was a bright sunny day. I was the only one home, so I decided to try go get a tan, ah, all over. As a teenager it seemed like a good idea at the time.
So I put on my bathrobe and slathered myself in suntan lotion. I was lying on my robe on the back patio when I heart something hit the pavement, hard, and little droplets of something sprayed all over me. I screamed and jumped up, wrapping my robe around me, thinking someone had come home.
It was a water balloon. I don’t know where it came from, but I saw the shriveled little shell of it there in the middle of a puddle of water. I remember looking around the whole house and calling for my little brother really angrily, because I was convinced it was him. But he wasn’t home. My mom got home a few hours later with him in the car.
I picked the balloon up because I had this weird sense that it would get me into trouble somehow. I never figured out where it came from.

I guess it’s not really one thing like you asked for, but the computer in my old bedroom used to turn on in the middle of the night and wake me up. I know it wasn’t asleep, because I always turned it off — honestly I’m not sure if I knew how to put it to sleep instead at that age?
It was an old computer and the fans were quite loud, so I’d wake up out of a dead sleep to see the the monitor lit up. It was always the sound of the fans that woke me, though, not the light.
I might be making this up but I’m pretty sure I turned it off all the way at the power strip at least once, and this still happened. For some reason it never really scared me even though I guess it should have.

I have a very vivid memory of something that I’m convinced never happened.
A boy went missing in my neighborhood when I was in elementary school. I was in maybe 3rd or 4th grade, I’m not sure. I guess I could look it up in the paper. The boy really did go missing. That’s not the part I think I made up.
I do remember waking up in the middle of the night and looking out my window and watching the moment he disappeared. I assumed I was dreaming. I had really vivid dreams at that age. Some of them, I still remember as strongly as “real” memories.
In this memory or dream or whatever, I was looking out of my window at my back yard. I don’t know why I was awake, or why I was looking out of the window. I must have been standing or kneeling on my bed to do it. The boy’s house was across from ours, so our back yards touched each other.
He was just standing out there in the dark. I could see him because of the moonlight, I guess. I feel like I shouldn’t have been able to see him, which is what makes me think it might have been a dream.
This, like, doorway? Opened in the middle of the air. Like a big square, just a hole in reality, with red light pouring out. The light scared me more than the door. I thought it was a portal to Hell.
The boy wasn’t scared, though. He climbed into it. It shut behind him.
I remembered the dream or event or whatever when I woke up in the morning, but I really thought it wasn’t real. Then I found out when I got home from school that he was missing.
They never found him. I think what I saw was a dream or a hallucination because it just sounds crazy, but it was at least somewhat predictive regardless.

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