Some People Think

Some people think, “Life is accomplishment.”
They set goals, and they either strive toward them,
or they don’t —
They either reach them,
having striven or not,
or they don’t.
When they win, they think,
“I am worthwhile.”
When they lose, they think,
“I am worthless,”
or, for a lucky few,
“I will win next time.”

Some people think, “Life is experience.”
They may have goals, but their goals are not their purpose.
They breath life in and bask in its warmth
They think that,
if they’re not experiencing something new or positive,
they are wasting their time.
They think that,
if they’re not finding joy in every moment,
they are wasting.

Some people think, “Life is struggle.”
They fight against life.
They have no goal, except “live on.”
They find no joy,
because to them,
every second is only about what comes next
or about what they must do now,
to prepare.
Anything other than survival is a waste to them;
it’s not worth their time.

Some people think, “Life is.”
They pass through life striving for nothing
looking for nothing
preparing for nothing.
Life, in turn, passes through them —
by them —
With no remark at all upon their existence.

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