D&D: Avenon

I get the opportunity to play Dungeons and Dragons with a friend on Sunday. It will be my first chance to play a character, rather than guide the adventure, in quite some time. I ended up using my writing time today working on that character (oops), so here’s a little bit about him.

Avenon is a human born with a spark of the divine inside of him. In D&D terms, he is Sorcerer with a Divine Soul. He can draw powers from his divine heritage, using them to cast spells that both harm and heal. His people, driven by the jealously of the priesthood in his town, disliked and feared his power. They drove him and his parents away, forcing them to live, secluded, away from society.

Avenon was awoken in the dark of night to the screams of his parents. By the time he had rushed to their sides, they were dead. He remembers little of the ensuing time. He can recall a dark figure, and searing, bright pain which left him blinded. Whoever or whatever had attacked his parents also tore out his eyes, then, as far as Avenon can remember, left.

Avenon wandered lost in the woods, disoriented, for what felt like days. Then he was approached by a warm, comforting presence. Something about it struck a chord of familiarity with Avenon. It was, it claimed, his divine descendent: the celestial, part of whose spark had found its way into Avenon’s soul. It told Avenon it would restore his vision, so long as he pledged himself to its power, and vowed to seek vengeance on that which had blinded him, for the being which had attacked Avenon’s family was also one of the Celestial’s ancient foes.

Avenon formed a pact with that being, becoming a Warlock of the Celestial. The Celestial sealed a mask to his face, a blank, white piece of a mysterious material that covers Avenon’s eyes and forehead, granting him sight. He now draws upon its power in his quest to banish harm from the world.


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