The Orua Campaign

Greetings, friends. The next few entries on Daydreams are going to be slightly different from others, though perhaps not to such a degree that anyone might notice if I didn’t mention it. Still, I thought it would still be worthwhile to give this preface.

Over two years ago, I began a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with two of my closest friends. That sounds like a long stretch of campaign, but unfortunately due to the way our lives have carried us about, we haven’t fit in any sort of regular sessions in that time period. We’re hoping to change that this year.

Returning to the campaign which we left behind sparked my interest in it, and with their permission, I’m going to begin dramatizing it on Daydreams. The campaign takes place on a world I’ve visited on Daydreams, Aia, though in truth it’s not that exact world as it would exist in my fiction. It’s a version of Aia that’s been altered slightly to fit in better with D&D. As such, the magic system you’ll see used by the characters, and the way the characters function in this dramatization, will be slightly different from how things usually work in my settings.

My husband, Jon YuhaszPratt, has been playing the character Rowan of Orua, and so deserves much of the credit for that character and for the relationships he has with others.

Our friend, Tiffini Hurley, created the character Delphine Chaude, and like Jon, deserves the credit for her own character and that character’s choices and narrative arc.

Together, they manage a character named Garret Tosscobble. They take turns making his decisions and speaking for him when he needs to interact, and so both deserve to be given credit for him.

To Jon and Tiffini — Our adventure began long enough ago that I can’t say for certain that I recall everything that has happened or all the words that have been spoken. I hope that I do the story we’ve been forging together justice, and I hope that, should you find the time to read it, you enjoy it.

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