Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 2

Everything Has a Cost To Bring Silence Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 1 The staff at the hospital had performed admirably in the preparations for Evran. For one thing, the Head Medician had not only found two patients perfect for Evran’s study — Qen, and the comatose man whose energies Evran would use — he had contacted … Continue reading Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 2

Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 1

This entry references characters introduced in Everything Has a Cost and To Bring Silence. Evran, Master Artificer and Servant to the People, congratulated himself for his forethought. From the appearance of the patients and the tired, overworked, poorly-groomed staff, the hospital would be a place rife with aromas which Evran had no interest in smelling. The cloth mask … Continue reading Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 1