Shadows, Part 3

Shadows, Part 1 Shadows, Part 2 “I guess it’s possible,” Benni said, shifting thoughtfully in hans chair. Ne brought hans hand to hans chin. Benni had actually come to visit physically, which was a rarity. Ne usually preferred a holo-call. “I don’t know what else it could be,” Adrick said. “It’s driving me nuts, Benni.” … Continue reading Shadows, Part 3

Shadows, Part 1

Adrick unclasped his lens, whipping it free of his face. His heart rate, resting low just moments before, spiked. The flexible band came away easily, draping down across his shoulder. Adrick blinked. Nothing. His loft was empty. The stark light, filtered to a pure white by the translucent shades pulled over his windows, illuminated the … Continue reading Shadows, Part 1