Orua, Session One, Part IV: The Calldecs

Preceded By: Orua, Session One, Part III: Decisions Rowan had not worn armor in years. He had hardly given it a thought since he’d left the Lord’s army; but then, he’d had little reason to think about donning it at all. He’d crafted Delphine’s armor himself, years ago: flexible, light leather armor which allowed for her … Continue reading Orua, Session One, Part IV: The Calldecs

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Pt. 2

I suppose this will be more than two parts after all. Teacher, Teacher, Teacher Pt. 1 Evran requested Nyle’s aid not because he needed the help — Gleam and Spider could have accomplished everything Evran might have needed from another human — nor because he wished to do the boy any sort of real favor. … Continue reading Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Pt. 2