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There are rules, in this world, and there are consequences for breaking them. Some rules, like those of physics, are woven into the fabric of the world itself. Some are part of the social contract forged, over time and experience, by beings as they interact with one another. Some are impressed upon us by governing bodies. Regardless of their origin, there are consequences for breaking them. Perhaps we never see those consequences, and perhaps they affect someone other than the breaker, but they are there nonetheless.

I know this, and I have taken it into my heart as fact. I know the rules of the workings of the universe. I know how I must behave, and how I should think, regarding my relationships with my kin. And, most importantly, I know the rules that have been impressed upon us all by the Goddess Shyar. I understand that, should I break any of these rules, there will be consequences.

It should not be so, but the restriction of all this order chafes at me.

An aeon ago, another broke Shyar’s rules. He was a moraddin who, like me, wondered what it might be like to diverge from the formula laid out for us. At least, I imagine that was his goal. There is no way to know, for I was born long after his death, and he is spoken of only as a warning to our young. We must forge the souls according to Shyar’s blueprint, with only the variations that she allows, or we will meet with Gyramenon’s fate.

Unlike real mortals, we are not sent to Keren’s Realm when we pass away. That which composes us is recycled and made anew, by Shyar’s own hand, into a future generation of moraddin. Gyramenon was torn apart. Shyar shredded his spirit, so that no particle of it remained intact. She split his soul from his body, disintegrating the latter and sending the former to find judgement at Keren’s hands. Keren sent his soul through the Closed Door, where it became nothing.

Was his sin so great that he deserved such a fate? Perhaps, but in my heart, I don’t believe it. I believe that, like me, he had the soul of an artist, and we cannot fault our souls. They are the only souls we don’t forge. Shyar herself creates the souls of the moraddin. If there was a failure, it was her own, and to vanish Gyramenon was an act performed only to atone for her own mistake.

A being has three components. In Taar, we, the moraddin, forge the soul out of the raw energy of our realm. With our hands and spirits, we bend and twist and carve the souls, until they are perfect works of art. Well, my kin and colleagues would call them such. I don’t believe it. They are not art, but a formula. There is no expression to be had within them, when in the end, they are all the same.

Each soul must adhere to spirit and body. Souls are forged here, in Taar; bodies are born from their mortal mothers, on Aia; and spirits arise from the energies of Moresth, to meet soul and body at birth. We forge the souls from what mortals call magic, and leave just enough residue behind for the three to fuse together into one being.

I want to know what happens when we begin to vary the formula. The beings of Aia are bland and boring. I tire of making such pitiable creatures. Gyramenon, too, must have tired and grown curious, for it is said he forged a soul that attracted more vital energy than it needed to live. He worked into it a gaping hole, which drew the vital energy in and blessed its being with powers beyond what a mortal should have possessed.

I have nearly finished a creation which will continue Gyramenon’s work. It is more subtle than his. It is so subtle that I hold out hope that Shyar herself will not notice it; or if she does, that it will be discounted as a simple error. I have shaped the edges of the soul in such a way that they will be able to hold more magic than is necessary to bind soul and spirit and body. What should be a simple residue, just enough to allow the mortal to interact with and experience magic, will in fact be more of a coating.

When the being is born, I will watch it. Many among us love to watch the lives of the souls they have created. I have begun to do it already, so that suspicion will have no reason to arise once I begin to watch this one. I don’t know what effect the magic will have. After all, we are taught only how mortals function when made according to Shyar’s ideals. My only hope is that this one will be more interesting.

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