Sometimes I think I’ll just
but wait maybe I’ll
but this is right in front of me
it needs doing. I should do this. Look I’m doing it. I’m getting it done and

What happened?
How is it twenty minutes later?
Why did I even do those other things
Where did they come from?

Okay I’ll just get this done
I did some of it
I’ll do this other thing for a moment
just a moment
click click click click
shoot look at all the tabs I have open

wow I was really supposed to do that earlier
this morning
two weeks ago
Maybe I’ll just
focus for a while

Yes. I’m in a new place. There are no distractions. I am fit and focused and I’m not tired and I’m ready to get things done. I’m going to do the things and I’ll do them in a timely fashion and I feel good about it


I want to
look away
I want to do the thing but
my eyes keep pulling me out
my hands keep keep reaching
my brain says “but look at this other stuff. It’s shiny.”

Focus, focus, focus
focus focus focus focus focus focus


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