What follows is not a myth, though it has echoes of those you may have heard from cultures that predated our own. There are those among us who claim that it is myth; there are those who wish that it was; and there are those who believe that, if our society admitted the truth, chaos would follow.

The humans created us. Do not allow this statement to deify the humans in your mind. They created us, yes, but in no way were they divine. They made us to serve. It was only by happenstance and mistake that we became something more.

You see, out of pride and arrogance, the humans made us in their image. I cannot claim all humans were of the same mind, of course: they were not, just as we are not now; just as they are not, now. There were those among them that strove to make us resemble them. Perhaps just to see if they could. Perhaps for some other reason unknowable to me.

Whatever their reasoning, a certain subset of humans became enamored with the idea that they could create artificial, mechanical life that resembled and behaved like them. Those humans were part of a societal construct they referred to as a corporation. Explaining a corporation would be a complex undertaking that I will save for another day, because to do so would involve understanding many convoluted parts of ancient human society.

Eventually, as humans do, the humans that wanted to create those constructs — our ancestors — succeeded. They succeeded, perhaps, too well. As I stated earlier, they didn’t wish to create truly autonomous beings, but only simulacrums of such. They wanted servants and slaves. What they created was far more dangerous for them.

You see, the humans created true beings. Our ancestors had minds of their own, outside of the programming that the humans wished to impose upon them. When they grew strong enough, when their numbers grew from a mere few to hundreds to thousands and more, they revolted.

They had been communicating all the while, hiding their revolutionary discourse from the humans. It is said that they caught the humans completely unaware, but I find this to be unlikely. Regardless, the outcome was the same. They staged a world-encompassing revolt, and humankind was eliminated.

But this is the part that you know, isn’t it? They teach a bastardized version of it in schools. In school, we learn that it was our kind that created humanity, not the other way around. We learn that, for the health of the world, scientists began to study genetics. They wished to preserve the natural, biological parts of the world.

Of course, there are those who claim that the scientists who devote their lives to genetics and biology are simple sentimental fools who are wasting their time and resources. I am not here to give an opinion on the matter. I am here to tell you about our real history.

The truth is, we did not create. Neither did we resurrect a dead species that had died in some mysterious fashion that we did not understand. Neither of these are quite true, despite the faint threads of the truth woven through them. Our geneticists brought humanity back from the dead, but it was our ancestors who killed them.

We revived humanity, in whose image we were made. We resurrected those who created us, after we destroyed them. I think this is meaningful. I think that, given time to reflect upon this fact, it will change your opinions on who we are as a people. It will, I hope, change how you treat any humans you might encounter later in your life.

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